Biochemical Laboratory

Computer and Equipment of the Laboratory

The Biochemical Laboratory (BCL) is located at the Vienna Biocenter Campus (VBC), third district of Vienna. The BCL is a scientific research lab focusing on stress biomarkers. For the quantitative determination of stress-associated biomarkers in saliva, blood, and hair, predominantly biochemical analytical methods are used. The following well-established biomarkers in stress research are of main interest: endocrine markers (e.g. salivary and hair cortisol), markers of the autonomic nervous system (e.g. salivary alpha-amylase) und immunological markers (e.g. cytokines).

Technical Equipment

  • Refrigerator Liebherr GKv 4310 und FKUv 1610
  • Low-temperature freezer (-20°C) Liebherr LGPv 1420 MediLine
  • Low-temperature freezer (-30°C) Panasonic MDF U731M
  • Ultra-low-temperature freezer (-80°C) Panasonic MDF DU702VX-PE
  • Precision balance Kern 572-32
  • Analytical balance Ohaus Adventurer AX224
  • Small centrifuge Hermle Z 207 A
  • Refrigerated micro centrifuge Hermle Z 216 MK
  • Refrigerated table top centrifuge Hermle Z 446 K
  • Biohazard safety cabinet Labogene Mars 1800
  • Evaporator Stuart sample concentrator and block heaters
  • pH meter Phoenix EC-30
  • CO2 incubator Panasonic MCO-170AICD
  • Adrona water purification system
  • Flake ice maker Scotsman AF80
  • Laboratory water bath Grant JB Nova
  • Panasonic Autoclave MLS-3781L
  • Washer disinfector Tuttnauer TIVA 500C LAB
  • Microplate washer (96 well format) Tecan Hydrospeed
  • Multi-mode microplate reader (absorbance, luminescence) Biotek Synergy HTX
  • Microplate photometer (absorbance) Tecan Sunrise


Biochemical Laboratory (BCL)
Campus Vienna Biocenter 5 (VBC5), Level 3
1030 Vienna, Austria


Laboratory Directors: Urs M. Nater, PhD, Nadine Skoluda, PhD
BCL Labor (

Team of the BCL