Collage von Händen verschiedener Hautfarben, die zusammenhalten und Gänseblümchen in Regenbogenfarben.

Mission Statement

In research and teaching, the members of the Faculty of Psychology are concerned with the description and explanation of human experience and behavior as well as their change. In doing so, it is our concern to bridge the fundamentals of the relevant processes to the (evidence-based) application or transfer of the knowledge gained. Basic and application-oriented research are considered to be equally important and to merge into each other. Diversity in research approaches and topics is seen as a strength. Based on integrative and complementary research approaches in neuroscience, cognitive science and social science, we aim to make theoretically sound and empirically testable contributions to scientific knowledge and its transfer. In doing so, we are committed to transparent research practices and strive to share our research materials and data with others whenever possible.

In the coming years, a special focus will be on gaining insights into the psychological mechanisms and consequences of social and technological changes on experience and behavior and thus also making a contribution in the sense of the program of the "Sustainable Development Goals" (UN, 2015). Examples of important fields of action are health and well-being, education, sustainability, environment and climate change, demographic change, and the reduction of social inequality and digitalization.

Diversity Statement: "Community and diversity" as motto of our faculty

The Faculty of Psychology is characterized by an appreciative and respectful approach to diversity. We see individuality, diversity and difference of our faculty, staff and students as our strength. We treat each other with mutual respect, also for our differences, and avoid any behavior that contradicts this attitude. If situations occur in which this is not the case, we take appropriate steps and distance ourselves resolutely from them.