Interdepartmental Colloquium

The interdepartmental colloquium is planned in collaboration with different research groups at the Faculty of Psychology and the Vienna Cognitive Science Hub.

We aim to bring national and international researchers to present and discuss their current research with faculty members and students. 

The colloquium takes place on Thursdays from 3 to 4 pm. If you want to attend online, please message to get the meeting link.



3 pmHSG and onlinetba
14.03.20243 pmHSG and onlinetba
21.03.20243 pmHSG and onlineProf. Dr. Veronika EngertUniversitätsklinikum JenaStressregulation in the social context: Empathic stress and empathic processes in stress reduction
11.04.20243 pmHSG and onlineDr. Viktoria ColognaHarvard University

Do extreme weather events influence attitudes towards climate change?
18.04.20243 pmHSG and onlineProf. Raphael Berthele

University of Fribourg

 Is Language Aptitude Part of the Positive Manifold? Exploring the Variability in Predispositions for Language Learning in Children and Adults

25.04.20243 pmHSG and onlineProf. Karl PillemerCornell UniversityClimate Change Action and Older People: A Powerful Resource for Prevention and Resilience
02.05.20243 pmHSG and onlinetba
16.05.20243 pmHSG and onlinetba
23.05.20243 pmHSG and onlineProf. Denis MareschalBirkbeck College

06.06.20243 pmHSG and onlineAssoc. Prof. Erika ComascoUppsala University
13.06.20243 pmHSG and onlinetba
20.06.20243 pmHSG and onlineDr. Danielle ArigoRowan UniversityA Paradigm Shift in Health Behavior Change: Understanding When and How Social Comparison Supports Healthy Behavior
27.06.20243 pmHSG and onlineProf. Guy BodenmannUniversität ZürichDyadic Coping: Past, Present and Future