Social Science Research Lab

Three computer-desks partitioned by mobile walls

The Social Science Research Lab is a jointly used resource of the Faculty. It was designed to offer rooms and technical equipment with the greatest possible extent of flexibility. For this reason, the Lab can be used in many different ways. This includes observational studies, computer-aided experiments, focus groups, etc.

The Lab has three rooms, which can be partitioned to be used as individual rooms or joined together to form one big room. An additional observation room is connected to the Lab through a one-way mirror.

Technical Equipment

  • 3 laboratory rooms, which can be partitioned by mobile walls (can be booked individually or as one room)
  • 1 observation room with a one-way mirror
  • 20 tables and chairs
  • 20 PCs and 1 server PC
  • 20 mobile screen walls
  • 25 closed headphones
  • 21 webcams with microphones


Neues Institutsgebäude (NIG)
Universitaetsstrasse 7
6th floor – Room D615

Contact (booking & support):



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