Cognition Research Lab

Man with a mobile eyetracker in front of a computer

This Lab is specialised in the research methods of modern cognitive and perceptual psychology. We carry out behavioural experiments on the computer, where we assess stimuli and measure their response times. We also use various psychophysiological measurements.

Technical Equipment

Eye tracking

Eye tracking is a method for measuring a test person's eye movements, for instance to analyse perceptual processes, attention control, etc.


EEG (electroencephalogram), EMG (electromyogram), EOG (electrooculogram) and EDA (electrodermal activity) measurements

Electrophysiological methods can, for instance, be used to measure brain activity (EEG) and emotional reactions (EDA, facial EMG).

3D facial imaging

Three-dimensional models of a test person's face can be created and edited on the computer.

Behavioural measurements

These laboratories enable computer-aided traditional psychological experiments.



Liebiggasse 5, basement, access via left staircase, basement rooms: TR K1 - TR K5, one evaluation room, 2nd floor: TR II-1; access via right staircase, basement rooms: TR K6 – TR K7, EEG basement lab.



Andreas Gartus

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