Observation Lab

Observation Lab - cameras and clock

Since 2022, the outpatient unit has had an observation laboratory, equipped with Noldus technology, which can be operated from an adjoining room. The observation room is suitable for research as well as practical offers, which focus on behavioural observation. It is possible to make a video of up to four people at the same time and to encode and analyse it later using the software.

Technical equipment

  • 1x round table and 4 chairs in the observation room
  • 4x dome cameras (zoomable and swivelling)
  • 1x table microphone
  • 2x wireless clip-on microphones
  • 1x intercom system
  • 1x workstation with Noldus Observer XT and Mediarecorder software in the adjacent room.


Wächtergasse 1 (1st floor, room 109)
1010 Vienna


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jana Nikitin (jana.nikitin@univie.ac.at)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martina Zemp (martina.zemp@univie.ac.at)

Observation Lab - table and chairs