Interdepartmental Colloquium

The interdepartmental colloquium takes place on Thursdays from 3 to 4 pm and will be held hybrid in winter term 2022 (see schedule).

If you want to attend, please write to and you will be sent an online participation link.

The colloquium is planned in collaboration with research groups from other departments at the Faculty of Psychology, as well as the Vienna Cognitive Science Hub.

Our aim is to bring national and international scholars to present and discuss their current research with faculty members and students.

The program for this semester:

06.10.20223 pmtbaN.N.
13.10.20223 pmHSG/
Prof. Andreas MaerckerUniversity of ZurichTraumafolgestörungen: Studien zu transdiagnostischen Merkmalen und zum sozial-interpersonellen Modell
20.10.20223 pm tbaN.N
27.10.20223 pmonlineJun.-Prof. Dr Aleksandra KaurinWitten/Herdecke University(Intensive) Longitudal perspectives on developmental psychopathology
03.11.20223 pmtbaN.N.
10.11.20223 pmHSG/
Prof. Dr. Yee Lee ShingGoethe University FrankfurtMemory and Predictive Processing Across the Lifespan
17.11.20223 pmtbaN.N.


3 pmonlineAss.-Prof. Anne E. UraiLeiden UniversityClimate crisis and ecological emergency: Why they concern (neuro)scientists, and what we can do
01.12.20223 pmHSG/
Prof. Alexis Hervais-AdelmanUniversity of ZurichSpeech in Adverse Listening Conditions: Exploring Brain States and Traits to Find Targets for Neurofeedback and Neurostimulation to Enhance Speech Comprehension
15.12.20223 pmtbaN.N.
12.01.20223 pmtbaN.N.
19.01.20223 pmonlineDphil Marco WittmannUniversity College LondonBasis functions for navigating school groups
26.01.20223 pmtbaN.N.