Interdepartmental Colloquium

The interdepartmental colloquium is planned in collaboration with different research groups at the Faculty of Psychology and the Vienna Cognitive Science Hub.

We aim to bring national and international researchers to present and discuss their current research with faculty members and students. 

The colloquium takes place on Thursdays from 3 to 4 pm. If you want to attend online, please message to get the meeting link.

02.03.20233 pmHSG/
Ass.-Prof. Jan Willem BolderdijkUniversity of AmsterdamMinority influence in climate change mitigation
09.03.20233 pmtba.-
16.03.20233 pmtba.-
23.03.20233 pmHSG/
Richard D. Lane, M.D., Ph.D.University of ArizonaLevels of Emotional Awareness: The clinical importance of knowing what you’re feeling
30.03.20233 pmHSG/
Prof. Dr. Klaus RothermundUniversity of Jena

How to get rid of bad and develop good habits: An episodic retrieval account of habit acquisition and change

20.04.20233 pmHSG/
Dr. Aenne BrielmannMax Planck Institutes TübingenA computational model of sensory value
27.04.20233 pmHSG/
Dr. Charlotte Grosse WiesmannMax Planck Institute for human cognitive and brain sciencesHow do children come to understand others?
04.05.20233 pmHSG/
Ass.-Prof. Martina LuchettiFlorida State UniversityPsychosocial factors that contribute to cognitive health and risk of dementia – A focus on loneliness
11.05.20233 pmHSGDr. des. Sarah PritzUniversity of Erlangen–Nuremberg

Techniken emotionaler Subjektivierung. Methodologische Überlegungen zur qualitativen Analyse mobiler Softwareapplikationen am Beispiel von Mood-Tracking-Apps

25.05.20233 pmonlineDr. Anna-Katharina BauerUniversity of OxfordAudio-visual rhythm perception in younger and older adults
22.06.20233 pmHSG/
Dr. Anne MilekWitten/Herdecke UniversityMy life has become a major distraction from my smartphone: Phubbing behavior in families
29.06.20233 pmHSG/
Prof. Dr. Annett SchirmerUniversity of InnsbruckC-Tactile Afferents and the Give and Take of Social Touch