Department of Occupational, Economic, and Social Psychology

Collage mit Portraits von Christian Korunka und Arnd Florack.

Department head Arnd Florack (r.) and deputy Christian Korunka.

Social Psychology in the Context of Work, Society, and EconomyPeople are confronted with comprehensive challenges and changes in work, economy and society. Employees are required to adapt to new and flexible demands at work. Consumers are becoming more and more active players in the value-added process and, at the same time, have to make decisions in the face of increasing product and information diversity. Citizens are confronted with complex rules and incentive structures.

Conversely, companies, marketing managers, and government authorities aim to influence people's behavior and achieve set goals that may be relevant locally (e.g., for company profits) or globally (e.g., reducing global warming). In this context of change, how can employees remain productive, motivated and healthy? How can consumers achieve their individual goals in accordance with social values? How can the cooperation between citizens and governmental institutions be promoted and how can behavior be regulated through decision architectures?

In the Department of Occupational, Economic, and Social Psychology, we investigate these questions with research groups focusing on

with a wide variety of methods (e.g., experiments, diary studies, surveys, panel studies, and field studies).