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Wintersemester 2017
200064 SE Vertiefungsseminar: Geist und Gehirn - Fundamental Topics in Cognitive Science + Colloquium

Leder, H, Goller, J, Forster, M, Schlageter, L & Paul, MA 2017, 'Face inversion increases attractiveness' Acta Psychologica, Bd 178, Nr. July 2017, S. 25–31. DOI: 10.1016/j.actpsy.2017.05.005

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Gerger, G, Forster, M & Leder, H 2014, 'It felt fluent, but I did not like it: Fluency effects in faces' 9th PPRU Workshop, Jena, Deutschland, 4/04/14 - 5/04/14, .

Forster, M, Jakesch, M, Goller, J & Leder, H 2014, The pleasure of ambiguity. in Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Congress on Empirical Aesthetics. New York, USA.

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Nadal-Roberts, M, Forster, M, Paul, MA & Leder, H 2013, 'Looking at images with an aesthetic orientation: What’s special about it?' 36th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP), Bremen, Deutschland, 25/08/13 - 29/08/13, .

Forster, M, Leder, H & Ansorge, U 2012, 'Subjective feeling of fluency and affective response' European Conference on Visual Perception, Alghero 2012, Alghero, Italien, 2/09/12 - 6/09/12, .

Forster, M & Leder, H 2011, 'Does fluency really feel fluent? A preliminary research approach' 4th Vienna Aesthetic Symposium, Vienna, Österreich, 1/06/11, .

Forster, M, Leder, H & Gerger, G 2011, 'Perceiving faces with different kinds of glasses: Distinctiveness, beauty and intelligence' 17th meeting of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP), Donostia - San Sebastián, Spanien, 29/09/11 - 2/10/11, .

The pleasure of ambiguity

Forster, M. (VortragendeR)
24 Aug 2014

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Subjective fluency influences liking

Forster, M. (VortragendeR)
1 Apr 2014

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Fluency needs uncertainty

Forster, M. (VortragendeR)
30 Aug 2013

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Subjective fluency and affective response

Forster, M. (VortragendeR)
26 Mär 2013

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Mirror Reversal of Artworks

Forster, M. (VortragendeR)
2 Sep 2012

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Subjective Fluency and Aesthetic Preference

Forster, M. (VortragendeR)
4 Apr 2012

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